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Broken bikeA mountain bike is a hardy and rugged vehicle that is designed to stand up to a considerable amount of abuse without breaking down or even skipping a beat. As millions of riders across the United States can attest, a mountain bike is a tough beast that can do seemingly impossible things few people would expect a bike to be capable of. Many people ride their mountain bikes in all kinds of weather and over all kinds of terrain without more than the occasional hiccup, and many more people require only minor repairs from time to time to keep their mountain bikes on the move and in tip top condition. However, no matter how good a mountain bike may be and no matter how hardy it may seem when out on the trail, the truth is that every bike is vulnerable in a few basic places. Sooner or later, whether you spent $500 or upwards of $5000 on your mountain bike, you may find yourself having to either replace certain parts or go out and make repairs to your mountain bike so you can continue to charge the steepest hills and cut through the gnarliest trails with it. This guide will provide you with information on some common parts that may need to be replaced and on some common repairs that may need to be made with your mountain bike so you can keep it in riding shape.

Perhaps the most common repair or part replacement you might have to deal with on your mountain bike involves the changing of the tires and tire tubes on your bike. Bike tires are different from car tires in that they contain an inner tube, which is a tube of rubber that is inflated with air and sits between the wheel and the tire itself. The tire is what comes in contact with the ground, and it retains its shape and structure through the inflated rubber inner tube and the the metal wheel. You are more likely to have to replace or repair the inner tube than you are to repair or replace the tire, as the inner tube is far more fragile than the tire. When you run over most sharp objects, they will be stopped by the tire, although they may erode the tire tread over time. However, some objects will penetrate the tire and puncture the inner tube. In such a case, you will need to either repair or replace the inner tube. It is generally best to replace the tube if you have the option to do so, as there is always the possibility of a patched tube opening up again, although the technology for tube patches has improved to the point where they rarely break down once applied correctly.


bikerepair1Inflating your bike tires properly, and regulating tire pressure, are simple, yet critical steps to riding safely and enjoyably.

A properly inflated tire is less prone to flats. Properly inflated tires also ensure that you have the lowest possible rolling resistance, saving your energy so that you can ride farther with less effort.


Afton State Park rvcamp6Camping is good, clean fun for singles and families alike. Most people think of camping as a summer activity, to be enjoyed as a series of weekend trips or possibly as a one to three week family vacation.
For those who are new to camping, purchasing equipment for these outings can seem incredibly expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. It is possible to purchase what is needed and save money by making a list of your priorities and shopping around.

Some people like to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, but that option doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many people want to travel with all the comforts of home at their disposal. We have all seen these people on the freeway en route to their next destination. Some drive recreational vehicles the size of buses, towing a smaller car behind them. Others have chosen a 5th wheel camper which is towed by a truck specially outfitted for that purpose. Rigs of both types are spacious, beautiful, and truly capable of traveling with all the comforts of home. They are equipped with functional kitchens complete with full-sized refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. They have roomy bathrooms complete with shower stalls, the bedrooms feature full size beds, and the living area has television with DVD player. They can be equipped with antennas so no one has to risk missing their favorite TV show. They are also quite expensive. Most new campers of this sort will cost over $100,000, and because they are considered to be a luxury item, it is easier to purchase a house if financing is needed.


rideb5Why take your child bicycling? There are many reasons that bicycling along with your children can help make them happy and healthy. From small toddlers to teenagers, bicycling has many benefits.



Rain GearThe subject of waterproofing and rain gear is a highly technical one and usually elicits explanations only fit for scientists and engineers. The names of the fabrics and waterproofing chemicals used as well as the complicated brand names are enough to make anyone’s head swim. And all you really care about it which jacket is going to be the most comfortable and keep the rain out!
This article will try to break down the exact science of waterproofing into an easy to understand concept and process, one that will maybe even help you to decide what kind of rain gear is best for you.

Fabrics that were both waterproof and breathable were introduced in 1978 using a lamination technique invented by Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex has since become known as the standard for waterproofing, much like Band-aid is often referred to instead of bandage, or Jell-O instead of gelatin. Gore-Tex invented a fabric that could both keep precipitation out as well as allow your body’s perspiration to leave, keeping you high and dry on both accounts and allowing you to maintain a healthy body temperature even during extreme weather conditions. Today, after many improvements to the original design, this is accomplished by using one of two highly effective fabric technologies called the laminate and the coating.
The laminate works by bonding a waterproof membrane to the interior of a piece of fabric much like plastering wallpaper onto a wall, the wall being the fabric and the wallpaper being the laminate. The coating is more like simply painting the wall instead, using a liquid solution to provide the waterproof qualities of the fabric and smearing it on the inside of the garment like a coat of paint.

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