Shimano Spinning Reels – Rise in Popularity

Shimano Spinning ReelsWhen selling a product, all companies attempt to explain what their product is and how it functions or performs better than its competitor. However, what really makes a company great is when it can convince customers to buy into the idea of why they do what they do. When a company has accomplished this task, the by-product is life-long customers that are committed to buying their product. Originated in Osaka, Japan in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano, the Shimano Corporation has expanded in size from a simple cyclery shop to a diversified product powerhouse that is recognized and revered worldwide. Specializing in cyclery,fishing, and rowing equipment, Shimano has doggedly and effectively communicated the “why” of thier company and as a result, consumers have flocked to their support. The growth and popularity of Shimano spinning reels is simply an extension of this success.

Shimano only began producing fishing equipment in the early 70′s. However, their long standing reputation in the cyclery world as a producer of quality merchandise carried over into their endeavor to manufacture dependable fishing gear. In less than ten years, Shimano had effectively established itself in the fishing industry as a quality manufacturer. In fact, Rob Fuering, a contributing writer for, said, “Shimano is renowned all over the world for the high quality of its products and it has lived up to this reputation in the world of recreational fishing as well. Shimano reels and rods are rated among the best quality fishing equipment…and are regularly endorsed by many professionals.”
Shimano’s spinning reel line is no exception, and has enough variety and versatility to meet the needs of both the weekend angler and the dedicated tournament competitor. Beginning at around ten dollars and spiraling all the way up to nearly eight-hundred, Shimano has a value/quality quotient that fits with any budget. For the individual who may only go out once or twice a year, Shimano offers the Shimano IX which is lightweight and durable. Perhaps an angler is a little more serious and goes several times a month. In that case, the Spirex FG is several steps up and provides a little smoother drag and longer casting. For the serious angler who fishes tournaments every weekend, The Sahara brings a little more power and less play that will ensure stronger hooksets and fish-fighting ability. For the professional angler who makes a living fishing and needs equipment that nears perfection, the Stella FE is the newest addition to the Shimano spinning reel collection and won 2010 ICAST Best Freshwater Reel. In essence, one reason for the growth of Shimano’s spinning reel popularity is because they are able to provide equipment at every price level. Many other spinning reel lines are known for either their high-end or low-end niche. Shimano transcends this stereotype and breaks the mold in a way that has anglers flocking to join its ranks.

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