Entertain Kids With Camping Games

camping mother and daughtersChildren have a wonderful way of creating their own games when in the great outdoors, away from video games and television. Emulating squirrels gathering nuts, climbing trees, visualizing shapes in clouds are all examples of this. Kids love to go rolling down hills, racing each other over fields, and catching butterflies, moths, and fireflies.

If they have a notebook or sketchbook, children can draw the wonderful things they discover. Give them a plastic magnifying glass to study ants and other bugs. They can make leaf rubbings by placing the leaf vein side up under one of the pages of their notebook and lightly scribbling. Kids can write or draw each new life form they discover, and then follow their list to see if they can find them again the next day. A notebook makes a wonderful keepsake of the trip. They can share their findings with an adult, who can use this as a teaching opportunity.

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Sharpening a Fishing Hook

fish hookFishers often spend a lot of time discussing knots, rods, reels, boats, lines, and a number of other topics related to the art of fishing. However, there is often surprisingly little discussion about the most direct and primary connection between you, the fisher, and the fish: the hook. A sharp hook increases the chances of taking home all sorts of fish at the end of the day. A dull hook might lead to the one that got away. It’s worth taking the time, therefore, to make sure your next trip to the lake, the ocean, or even the local watering hole is one where every piece of your tackle is on your side, including your sharp hooks. To that end, this guide will give you an overview to the relatively easy process of sharpening a fish hook.

Before you do anything else, you should check the sharpness of your hook. Typically, a freshly bought hook will be very sharp, but it is always worth double checking. You can easily do so by gently running the point of your hook across your fingernail. If the point of the hook leaves a mark on the nail and digs in a little, it is sharp, and you are ready to tie the hook and go fishing. If not, you may need a hook sharpening.

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Ten Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hiking on the open trail can be a fun and enlightening experience. The smell of clean, fresh air and the feel of the earth underfoot while walking among the trees and singing birds can make a person downright giddy with love for nature. But there are … [Continue reading]