How to Spear Fish

There are few hunting activities that bring people back to humanity’s ancient roots and give them a strong feeling of accomplishment like spear hunting does. Using all your strength and force to push the spear down through the water and through the side of a fish unknowingly swimming beside you is one of the most exhilarating experiences in the world. The process of actually being able to spear a fish, however, can be a tricky one, but there are a few important tips to learn in order to learn how to spear fish.

First, the most important thing is to make sure that you are in a location with accessible fish. This may sound like an obvious tip, but it needs to be remembered that this is not like fishing in deep waters with a fishing pole. The fish for this endeavor need to be located within the distance of your spearing abilities, whether you are merely using your own power or that of a speargun. The waters should be on the shallow side, and be clear so that it is easy to find and see the fish.

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Homemade Bait For Catfish Fishermen

The humble catfish is one of the most sought after fish in freshwater fisheries throughout the world. As a food source its value is indisputable; wild ones are common in most rivers and lakes, and their hardiness makes the catfish a good candidate for large scale farming operations. That’s the real reason why catfish is almost always the cheapest fare at your seafood market. It has nothing to do with the perceived cleanliness or quality of catfish and everything to do with the ease with which they are grown.

For folks with access to a good fishing hole or two, the catfish becomes an even more attractive food source. In many waters they present one the best options for anglers looking to hook dinner. They’re prolific, and they’re certainly not picky eaters. Put out a trotline or two, and you could have a whole mess of fillets ready for the table in no time.

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Buying a Beginner Road Bike

Buying a beginner's road bicycle doesn't have to be complicated. The following guide will help you ensure your first road bicycle is the start of many miles of enjoyment, and not heartache. Before you buy any bicycle, think carefully about its … [Continue reading]