How to Hunt Turkey – Getting the Most Out of Your Slate Call

Turkey HuntVirtually every turkey hunter has heard of something called a slate call. Slate calls are the primary tool of any turkey hunter and are small metal or glass objects that use a striker to produce the sound of a turkey call. Learning how to properly use one will make you a better hunter in no time and produce easier and often superior results when compared to other turkey calls. Once you know a bit about the types of calls out there you’ll be able to move on to when and how to use your slate call.

Slate calls are one of the most popular types of calls for turkey hunting. They’re very easy to use, making them excellent for novice hunters and those with experience. Using a slate call involves no more than pulling a striker across a small surface that’s made from glass, aluminum or, of course, slate. The striker itself is made from carbon, plastic or wood. Most hunters prefer to carry a few slate calls with them at all times because these different surfaces and strikers will make slightly different call sounds.

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Buying a New RV – Tips to Save Time and Money

Buy RVApart from your home, your RV may be the single most expensive item you ever buy. These four simple tips are guaranteed to save you time and money during the process.

• Figure Out What You Want Before You Shop. Sounds like a no brainer, right? You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t have a clue the first time they sit down with that sweet-talking salesperson. These are generally the same people who end up spending $20,000 more than they can comfortably afford for features they will seldom, if ever, use.

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Deer Hunting Techniques


Conventional wisdom for deer hunting was that only experience would make a good hunter. However, times (and hunting technology) has changed, and there are several factors to consider when it's time to bag that big buck. Know when to shoot and when … [Continue reading]