Secrets to River Trout Fishing

To a serious trout fisherman, the river is his cathedral. River fishing is considered by many to be the ultimate way to fish in terms of connecting with the environment, as it requires an intense amount of finesse. Along with this experience comes an immense amount of difficulty for some people. To be a successful river fisherman, one must be completely attuned to his surroundings. Fortunately, there are a few secrets that, once learned, will be instrumental to your success on the river.


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Scuba Tank Air Compressor Technology

scuba4Scuba diving tanks allow divers to remain underwater for extended periods. The technology scuba tanks use is fairly straightforward, but it is critical that they function well and remain in good order. A malfunction, especially at significant diving depths, can have life and death consequences. Let’s a take a slightly more in depth look at scuba tank air compressor technology.

Scuba diving tanks are aluminum cylinders filled with a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The ratio is usually 78% nitrogen to 22% oxygen. An oxygen enriched mixture called Nitrox is also sometimes used in diving tanks and consists of around 65% nitrogen to 35% oxygen. These tanks must be able to withstand high pressure: typically the nitrogen-oxygen mixture in a tank is at around 3000 pounds per square inch which equates to 204 atmospheres. Volume wise, a typical tank contains around 80 cubic feet of gas (this figure equates to 2,265 Liters).

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Scout Like A Pro For Turkeys

The key to scouting for wild turkeys is location, location, and location. It is much easier to utilize a turkey call in a location that the turkey finds familiar and comfortable because the hunter will be met with less resistance from the prey. … [Continue reading]