Snorkeling for Kids – Great Reasons to introduce Your Kids to Snorkeling

iStock_000003777743XSmallUnder the water: whether submerged in the depths of the beautiful ocean surrounded by brightly colored fish and curled, delicate coral reefs, or, exploring the murky surroundings of a nearby lake and watching the local fish whirl by, snorkeling is a fantastic family adventure. Kids will love the experience, all the interesting and fun things to look at and explore and parents can get some great one-on-one interaction with their children.
There are hundreds of reasons to introduce your children to snorkeling. Not only is it a fun family activity that promotes education, responsibility, excitement and communication, it offers affordable family entertainment. Children are naturally curious and the plethora of sights available under the water’s surface opens a whole new world of exploration. Offering the adventure of shallow waters can bring an inquisitive mind face-to-face with exotic fish and other thrilling marine life.

You can begin to introduce your child to snorkeling via the bathtub! Kids will think this is great, and it will give you the opportunity to familiarize them with the concept of being under the water in a safe, controlled environment. Start by letting your child become acquainted with the snorkel and their mask. Show them how to properly breathe through the snorkel and become comfortable holding their faces under the water’s surface while taking deep, steady breaths. It is important to make sure the snorkeling gear is suited for your child’s age and size. Make sure the face mask fits securely, but comfortably.

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Signal Devices Detailed review of available and appropriate signal devices for the kayaker and proper

kayak in the sunsetWhen you are kayaking, there are times when you will need to let other people know where you are, such as when you are traveling in a group or trying to reach a particular destination down the river at a particular time. Alternatively, you might find yourself in a difficult situation on the water and need to communicate through means besides VHF radios and cell phones. It is essential to have a number of appropriate signaling devices on your kayak and know how to use them properly when you are in an emergency. Having the right signal devices can help you let other people know that you are in need of assistance. There are a number of different signal devices available for kayakers, including devices that are meant to be used exclusively in emergency situations and signaling methods that come in handy when different kayakers are interested in communicating with each other across the water.

The primary and most common class of signal devices are visual signal devices. One way to categorize visual signal devices is by when and where they are most effective. Some devices are most effective when used during the daytime hours, while others are most effective when used during the night. There are some that can easily be seen from the level of the water, while there are others that will provide their best visibility when seen from the sky.

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