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rideb12Mountain Biking Takes Bike Riding To Another Level
Bike riding has come a long way since its inception in 1817. That’s when Baron Von Drais was cleaver enough to design what he called a walking machine to get around the Royal Gardens faster. He used his feet and two in-line wheels to get from one point to another. The front wheel was steerable when he mounted the wooden frame and pushed with his feet so this new method was referred to as glide walking. It was a short-lived fad that wasn’t practical since it could only be used in a garden or a well maintained park.

Pedals were added to the front wheels of bikes in 1865 and that model was called the “bone shaker” or velocipede (fast foot) since it was made entirely of wood with metal tires. That was a bone shaking combination in those days. Folks would ride them on the cobblestone streets so it was a short-lived fad as well.


Weeki WacheeThe Weeki Wachee River of Florida is one of the truly wonderful getaway destinations for anyone who enjoys being out in nature. Located north of Tampa in Hernando County, this river is filled with crystal clear water and provides twelve miles of beautiful scenery and fun activities.

Perhaps the most famous spot on this beautiful natural resource is Weeki Wachee Springs. Here you’ll find live underwater variety shows that star real live mermaids. The submerged Mermaid Theater is a fun place to catch these ladies in a spectacular show, or you can board a river boat to take a group cruise along the river. You can even make arrangements to scuba dive in the Weeki Wachee Springs if you’re part of a dive shop group. Snorkeling—always a fun activity—is encouraged there as well.


iStock_000001689590XSmallIf you are an avid kayaker, you have probably already discovered that a number of different vessels and boaters are likely to share the rivers, seas, lakes, and waterways that you feel at home in. Additional vessels such as pleasure boaters, working vessels, canoes, power boats, sail boats, and ships of all shapes and sizes may be on a large body of water at any given time. Although kayakers enjoy the privilege of being able to escape to wild and wonderful wilderness settings for their paddling, it is not always possible to paddle in such conditions, and every now and then, you might have to paddle in more hectic waters. When you kayak in the same bodies of water as people with power and motor boats, you run into a situation that is very similar to what cyclists face when they venture out onto roads and streets filled with cars while riding their bicycles.

Most frequent road cyclists are aware of the fact that when you ride a bicycle it is important to keep to the right part of the road where you will not run the risk of being caught in the main flow of traffic; this is because there is likely to be faster and more dangerous traffic in the middle of the road that you might want to avoid when riding, such as cars, trucks, and even semi trailers. The same principles are relevant when kayaking. Larger boats are more likely to follow certain paths. Such paths might be marked channels that are potentially also dredged. They might also be reasonable travel lines connecting two places or even river beds and mouths of harbors. When you are kayaking in open waters, however, such as when you are close to an ocean or a sea, you should expect large vessels to be on virtually any course one could imagine, which means they might head in every possible direction.

Bushnell Trophy Cam

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The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a great product that can enhance your overall hunting experience. The new design is one that revolutionizes the industry overall. Bushnell is well known as a leader in this industry. What is great is that this model is very small so it is convenient to carry it around. Even though the size is smaller though it doesn’t lack any of the remarkable features that the larger ones offer.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam comes with a battery that has a life of about 1 year. This camera is going to help you with capturing the image of even fast moving animals. It offers a 1 second trigger speed so you can get the photos you want without any blurriness. There is the three shot display offering so you can get lots of poses if you want. You can also set the delay to be from the default of 1 second up to 60 minutes.

Diamond Iceman FLX

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The Diamond Iceman FLX bow is an excellent choice. In 2009 it took the lead for the Outdoor Choice Competitors award. Diamond has always been a leader in the industry of bows. With the FLX there is a cable containment system offered that makes it highly tuned with the right amount of tension. When you have a premium bow, you need such ability.

The string stop is made from quality carbon. It has a Realtree camouflage pattern. It comes with a hardwood grip that is stylish as well as highly effective for overall control. If you don’t want to be seen on a hunt, the camo pattern of this bow is going to help you to remain well hidden. This bow is soft to the touch and insulates the hands during cold weather shooting. That is a huge benefit so that you are comfortable and your accuracy will remain.

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