How to Choose the Best Fins

Choosing the best fins are important when it comes to scuba diving and snorkling. They are a valuable piece of equipment that can propel an individual forward without expending large amounts of energy. Before buying fins, there are some important determining factors that should be investigated.

First, find out what name brands are known for their quality. There are many different brands out there, but some will offer free repair or a warranty on their products. Buying quality fins is important because if they tear, or they aren’t sturdy enough, they may make you use more energy than you would intend. There are also many different types of fins, so decide what their main purpose would be. For someone intending to go snorkling or diving in shallow waters, paddle fins might be a good option. Paddle fins are put directly on your feet, and are more lightweight than fins a deep water diver would use. For a deep water dive, open heeled fins are usually preferred because they are much more sturdy and secure. Open heeled fins are worn over swim boots or “booties” and then tightened at the back of the heel to make sure they won’t fall off during the dive.

After investigating different brands and deciding what the fins will be used for, look into the different types of fins available. The types of fins range from a stiff, forceful paddle to a soft, flexible split. There are some fins that have the open heel with straps, where others may cover the whole foot. They can also be made of different materials, such as natural rubber or polypropelene. Because of the multitude of options, there is something perfect available for everyone. There are even some newer designs that focus on better, more efficient movement through the water. One of the best ways to find out where to begin is by asking friends and acquaintances what kinds of fins they use. Along with the many different kinds of fins available to the public, there are many price ranges that fins fall into. Some fins can be very expensive, but they are very high quality and will last for a very long time. However, that doesn’t mean affordable fins aren’t of good quality. With the proper research, you could find the highest quality fins fall right into your price range.

Ready to Buy?
After doing the research, you might arrive to the store ready to buy your fins. Before purchasing, try on the fins to ensure that they fit with a comfortable, tight fit. Fortunately, most dive shops and other recreational stores will allow you to try on fins and swim boots to ensure that you find the best fins. This is essential to the process of choosing the best fins because the point is to have a comfortable, tight fit. If the fins that you intend to buy don’t fit properly or make you feel awkward, don’t purchase them. Rather than that, ask someone from the store if they could recommend any other high quality fins and try those on. Once you find fins that can serve you well, either purchase them or have them hold them for you. If you felt inclined to check the price of the same product in other places, you might find it for a more affordable price.

After doing the proper research, you will no doubt have found the best quality, most affordable fins for your dives.