How to Find the Best Scuba Instructor and Dive Shop

Finding the best scuba instructor and dive shop is not always easy. There are quite a few instructors out there working out of a great many dive shops. The quality of the dive shops will vary and the best of the best will standout from the crowd. Of course, those looking to take lessons in scuba diving or wishing to rent equipment will need to apply a little extended criterion to their decision making. Again, you want to select the best dive professionals to help you on your scuba journey. The following guide will definitely ensure you do attain the proper outcome:

As with any other business or profession, experience counts for a lot in the world of diving. So, you need to ask how long the instructor has been diving and, more importantly, how long has be been working as a professional instructor? Has the dive shop been in business for a long time? Does it have a good reputation in the industry? If the dive shop is top of the line then the odds are very strong that the shop is employing highly qualified professionals as well. These two points go together quite well.

Is the dive shop and its instructors affiliated with one of the major certifying agencies in the industry? There are different certifying agencies and all have some value. However, the top certifying agencies are the ones you will need to look for when you sign on with any lessons. Really, you want to stick with the top certifications and not those that might limit your ability to dive or rent equipment. Plus, the top certifying agencies have long since established reliable standards that translate into effective classes. And speaking of the classes…

Will the dive shop offer flexibility in terms of the class schedule for the beginner and intermediate diver classes? Those with busy schedules and limited time will certainly consider a dive shop with more class time flexibility to be a plus. And, in addition to the beginner and intermediate classes, are there specialty classes offered that provide special topics such as night diving, recovery, wreck penetration, etc? Often, these classes are A LOT of fun and they open many future doors for your future diving excursions.

You can always further your certification beyond the initial levels and into instructor categories. Yes, there is more than one level of instructor. What rank do the instructors at the dive shop hold? You would be well advised to ascertain the rankings so you know the profession credential of the instructor.

And what would scuba diving be without equipment?

The dive shop needs to have a wide array of equipment made from a number of different manufacturers. This is not because such a wide array of equipment adds to the decorative value of the shop’s walls. No, the expansiveness of the equipment aids in allowing the prospective student to pick the right equipment for his or her needs.

Reasonable pricing with the equipment is another great help. Some scuba gear can be costly. That is understandable. However, there is not reason why great deals cannot be put forth of top brands of equipment.

These are only a few of the points you could apply to your selection of a dive shop and its resident instructors. You are certainly free to add any additional points you wish. The items listed herein may give you a lot of food for thought.