Camping 101

One of the best ways to get away from it all is to go camping.  This is because camping offers a serene escape from everyday life, and it is relatively inexpensive to do.  A typical camping trip can range from being completely free to costing a little over a hundred dollars, depending on what form of camping is being done.  These forms of camping include: camping in a tent, camping in a cabin and camping in an RV.   This article will discuss each of these types of camping, allowing the potential camper more power in determining which one is right for them.

The first and most common form of camping is camping through a tent.  The cost for camping in this manner are larger in the beginning because the equipment has to be bought.  However, once all of the gear has been obtained, camping in this way can range from being free, (if they use a dispersed camping ground), to being just $10 a day, (if they use a regular campground).  The gear that needs to be bought usually includes: a tent, a camping stove or grill, a camping toilet and something for campers to sleep on such as sleeping bags or camping beds.  So, one’s initial investment when trying to camp through a tent may be a few hundred dollars, but this cost will not be perpetual.  In fact, since it’s possible to use free campgrounds, the only real perpetual cost associated with this form of camping is in the area of food and drink.

The next type of camping involves using a cabin.  Some hardcore campers prefer not to camp in this manner because they do not think it is really camping.  Others do it because they want to ‘escape’ to the wilderness while still having the comforts of home.  Camping cabins are usually designed in the style of a log house, and come with all of the amenities typical of hotel lodging, such as cable television, Internet connection, telephone and in some cases even whirlpool tubs.  Camping cabins will look just like a house, with some even having an upstairs set of bedrooms.  Campers will have to pay for such luxuries, but it will still be cheaper than staying at an upscale hotel, as costs will be less than $200 a day.

The final type of camping is RV camping.  With RV camping individuals can park their RV on a dispersed camping ground for free or they can go to an RV park and pay fees that range from $5 a day to around $50 a day.  What will be expensive is renting the RV itself, since this can start at $90 a day.  However, there are ways to get around paying such a cost.  For example, campers can look into buying used RVs off of E-bay and fixing them up.  It is possible to get an RV for as low as $1,000 through this method if one is persistent enough.  Once they are able to own their RV, they can save significantly on their camping costs without having to have things as ‘rough’ as it would be if they were camping through a tent.