Camping Food

If a person goes camping the traditional way, which is through pitching a tent, they are going to need a source of food suitable for outdoor adventures.  This is because it may be several miles to the nearest restaurant when one is on a camp site.  Additionally, there are limited options for storage when one is camping through a tent.  The most that is available are coolers, which can only hold food for a certain period of time.  For this reason campers need a larger selection of foods that are great on the go for snacks, side dishes and even full-course meals.  These foods include: dehydrated products, energy bars and freeze-dried products.

Dehydrated foods are one of the best sources of camping food campers can get their hands on.  Dried fruit and jerky are some of the most easily accessible forms of dehydrated foods.  However, there are also MREs.  What are MREs?  MREs, (which stand for Meal, Ready-to-Eat), are a type of military food that is eaten by soldiers when they are out on the field.  It is usually 2,000 calories and contains a main course, several snacks, a side dish and a drink.  The main course is cooked through a flameless heating bag.  The only thing that is needed is water.  Once water is added, the camper shakes up the bag, and the food becomes warm… even steaming.  To get official MREs one must be in the military, where they can buy the products on base.  However, there are a number of companies that are making fake MREs, so civilians can also take advantage of the concept.  There is very little difference between fake MREs and the real ones, but since it is illegal for MREs to be distributed out of a military environment, most fake MREs will have significantly different packaging than their real counterparts.   If a camper wants to buy fake MREs for their camping food, they can look no further than their favorite search engine.

The next type of camping food that needs to be obtained are energy bars.  Although these are associated with dieters or people trying to build muscle, they are still an excellent camping food.  This is because they are packed with calories and are designed for on-the-go eating.  They are a little expensive, but a person can try to save on their cost by buying them in bulk.  Taste-wise, things will vary according to the energy bar.  Some are almost as good as a candy bar while others are just awful.  For this reason campers will need to look at online reviews of the brand of energy bar they are buying, before getting too many of them for their camping food.

Lastly, freeze-dried products can be used for camping food.  All that is needed to eat them is water, though a camper may be able to buy novelty freeze-dried food that astronauts eat.  These do not require water.  An example of this type of freeze-dried food is freeze-dried ice cream.  Of course both forms of freeze-dried food will be expensive as a camping food source, but they are still very convenient.