Camping Gear

Camping is an excellent getaway that is fun and affordable for its participants.  However, before one actually goes camping, unless they plan on doing things in a cabin or an RV, they will need a thorough set of camping gear.  This camping gear can be placed into the following categories: shelter, cooking, lighting, knives, packing, emergency equipment, hygiene and diversion.  This article will discuss each of these forms of camping gear in greater detail.

1. Shelter

The first most important type of camping gear is in the area of shelter.  Tents are the most common choice, though there are some cars such as the Honda Element that can accommodate for camping by allowing campers to sleep on the folded down seats.  However, if tents are one’s choice, they will need to look for something that is durable and large.  In fact, there are several tents that are designed with ‘rooms’.  These are great for camping situations where campers want privacy from one another.

Within the tents campers will need something to sleep on.  They can use sleeping bags, air mattresses or camping beds.  Air mattresses will be the most comfortable of these alternatives, yet sleeping bags may allow for a more ‘true’ camping experience.

2. Cooking

The next type of camping gear is in the area of cooking.  Campers need to get a camping stove or a grill.  They will also need coolers to store their food along with plastic utensils and paper plates for eating their food.  In terms of the food itself, it’s best not too get too many frozen goods, since it’s only so long they will last in a cooler.  Instead, campers need to get dehydrated foods for their side dishes and consider hunting or fishing for their meat.

3. Lighting

Campers will need to be able to see when things get dark.  So they will need a lot of flashlights and fire-starting materials.  In the case of getting a lot of flashlights as their camping gear, campers will need to make sure that they also have a lot of batteries on hand.

4. Knives

At least one camper should have a hunting knife as part of their camping gear.  This will allow campers to easily cut things such as food packages.  It can also be used for gutting  fish or hunted animals.

5. Packing

Backpacks are an essential in one’s collection of camping gear.  These will be used to store food, drink and other items that are essential during a hiking trip.  There should also be another type of packing camping gear for organizing clothes at the camp site.  This can be as simple as a box, which can be kept in the tent or in the car.

6. Emergency Equipment

A first aide kit should be a part of a camper’s camping gear in the event someone gets hurt during the trip.  Good first aide kits needs to have a lot of bandages, sanitizing wipes, alcohol, and other things that help to limit bleeding and disinfecting the injured area.

7. Hygiene

Hygienic camping gear should include a camping toilet, toilet paper, deodorant, soap, wash cloths, toilet paper, baby wipes and a shower bag.  A trash bag should also be included if a camping toilet does not have a waste compartment.  Campers may also want to have a privacy tent as part of their camping gear when bringing along the camping toilet.

8. Diversion

Campers will need camping gear that will offer them a form of entertainment.  The best camping gear for doing this are those that can run on batteries and/or portable board games.  Both shouldn’t be too hard to find.  Examples of battery-run entertainment-based camping gear include: portable gaming devices, handheld televisions and radios.  An example of a portable board game could be a checkers kit designed specially for road travel.