Camping in an RV vs. Camping in a Tent

When people think about camping, there are often both conflicting and agreeing ideas. People always think about camping as being outside, going to a campsite, and enjoying Mother Nature at it’s finest. Where people tend to disagree, however, is when it comes to how to actually enjoy it. Some people think that staying in anything but a tent is not considered camping. Others think that going to a campsite in an RV is perfectly fine. In reality, there are pros and cons to both that can show how camping in either can be a great experience.

Camping in an RV

People will often rent or purchase an RV. They take the RVs or mobile homes to campsites in order to get the effect of camping at a campsite, but with more luxury involved. This is the newer version of camping that many people are quickly becoming familiar with.


There are many positives to camping in an RV. Something like a bathroom is great for staying at your campsite the entire time. If you are bringing food, a fridge allows you to keep everything cool. This is great for sanitation and safety. Those who are not used to “roughing it” will enjoy camping in an RV.


The cons of camping in an RV revolve around the fact that it is not the same experience. There is something to be said for sleeping outside instead of sleeping in an air conditioned unit. Camping in an RV is expensive; the RV itself is expensive to rent or own, and the sites may often cost more to put an RV on the plot.

Camping in a Tent

Those who are used to camping think about camping as staying in a tent. This is often known as “roughing it”, because it is not convenient. This is the old and classic style of camping.


Camping in a tent gives you the full and complete experience of camping. You are sleeping outside, under the stars. This is easily the most important way to enjoy camping. If you want the full immersion into nature, camping is often the closest that you will get.


Sleeping in a tent can be uncomfortable. Tents can also trap in bugs that can be very uncomfortable and annoying. Tents are also worse than RVs when weather gets bad: wind and rain can ruin a campsite tent, but not an RV.

Camping in a RV gives you the actual luxury of staying in something resembling a home while enjoying the outdoors. An RV can often be more expensive as far as the campsite is concerned, and has obvious price hikes in rental or purchase. Camping in a tent gives you the romantic and rustic feel of sleeping outdoors, but is often uncomfortable for many. Both types of camping have pros and cons. As long as you enjoy your camping experience, the place you choose to say in does not matter.