Don’t Be Caught Unprepared – Pack What You Need and Camp Like a Pro

Camping is a fun and wholesome activity for the whole family, but it is important to be prepared.  Being caught without the things you and your family need can ruin any camping trip, so it is important to know what to pack and how to pack it.  While the needs of every family will vary, there are a number of items every camper will need for a comfortable and enjoyable adventure in the great outdoors.

Even though it is important to pack plenty of comfort items and practical gear, it is also important to pack as lightly as possible.  This is especially true if you are tent camping and plan to hike to your campsite.  There is nothing like carrying a heavy pack for twenty miles in the wilderness to convince you of the importance of packing only what you need.  Vehicle campers can afford to pack a bit more generously, but it is still important to bring only the essentials and perhaps a few comfort items for the kids.

A Place to Sleep

Lets face it – sleeping on the cold hard ground can take the fun out of any camping trip.  It is therefore a good idea to bring along a comfortable night’s sleep in the form of a sleeping bag, air mattress or folding cot.  If you choose an air mattress don’t forget to pack the pump as well.  And be sure to bring along some pillows and a blanket or two for those cold nights in the great outdoors.

Safety First

Safety should be a prime concern – whether you are sleeping in your own home or in the remote wilderness.  When packing your camping gear don’t forget to pack a well stocked first aid kit – one that includes bandages, antiseptics and other essential safety gear.

It is also a good idea to bring along a pack of anti-bacterial wipes for fast cleanups and protection.  It may not always be possible to wash your hands, and using anti-bacterial wipes can be a good substitute in a pinch.

Eat Like a King

Being out in the wilderness does not mean an escape from kitchen duty.  You will need a way to prepare your favorite meals by the campfire, so it is important to invest in a good camp stove and some simple cooking utensils.  A camp stove and the fuel to run it will help you enjoy delicious home cooked meals no matter where in the world you may roam.

Make a Fashion Statement

The right clothes can make all the difference on a camping trip, so be sure to bring along plenty of protection in the form of rain gear and other fashion accessories.  The well prepared camper should also be sure to pack both shorts and long pants, and both long and short sleeved shirts.  Covering the arms and legs will be important when hiking through thick brush – those areas can be home to ticks and other unwelcome creepy crawlies.  And it goes without saying that a quality pair of hiking boots is a must for every member of the family.

Light Up the Night

It can get pretty dark out there without streetlights and other artificial sources of light.  Be sure to pack your own light in the form of flashlights, glow sticks or lanterns.  Battery powered lanters work great and are easy to carry and easy to hang by the tent.  Moving around the campsite will be a lot easier if you have a flashlight or lantern to light your way.

Whether this is your first camping trip or your hundredth these items will make your travels more enjoyable and more comfortable.  So pack up your gear and head off to the great outdoors.  You will be glad you did.