Make Camping More Convenient With a Portable Potty

Few man-made structures can compare with the beauty of nature. From mountain grandeur to back-country hiking, spending time soaking in the natural world can revive your spirit, relieve stress and make you feel in touch with the person you always wanted to be. But there is at least one man-made structure nature could use a bit more of–restroom facilities.

Many people would love to spend more time outdoors hiking or camping, but the need to be close to bathroom facilities keeps them tethered to civilization. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can find a wide variety of portable potties available to make any outdoor activity more enjoyable.

There are several different types of portable potties available, from simple objects you can carry in a back pack to larger, heavier products you can set up in a tent for longer camping trips. You can choose whichever type is right for your situation.

The simplest portable potties are made of lightweight corrugated cardboard. They fold into a nearly flat package that can be slipped into a backpack with ease. When you need to use your potty, simply unfold it into a sturdy square, slip in a liner bag and use it. Since they’re made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, they can handle a lot of weight–over 200 pounds in many cases. When you’re finished, remove the liner bag and tie securely until you get to a place where you can dispose of it properly. Fold the portable potty back into its flat state, slide it back into your back pack, and you’re ready to return to whatever activity you were enjoying without the hassle and mess of trying to clean up after yourself in the woods. Many of these types of portable potties have spots to store the liner bags and some toilet paper. No more looking for appropriate leaves to do the job!

A highly portable potty like that is perfect for hiking through the back country, but if your outdoor adventure will be a more settled camping trip, you may want a somewhat less portable, more heavy-duty toilet. That’s where a camping toilet comes in. There’s a wide range of camping toilets available. The simplest work much the same way as the folding potty, but in this case it would be a plastic bucket or metal frame with a liner bag attached. Many camping toilets have a more comfortable, plastic seat with the liner in a plastic tub underneath. For the ultimate in comfort, if you’re willing to spend more money and you’re going to be settled in one camping spot for a while, you can buy a portable toilet with chemicals to take care of the smell.

All these portable potties are meant for a camping trip rather than a hike because they can’t easily be carted around with you for a long walk. When you’re setting up camp, you can put one of these potties in a separate room of your tent or a separate tent to give yourself some privacy when you need to use the facilities. When you bring one of these, you can have almost as much convenience camping as you would at home.

So don’t let your need to be near a bathroom keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. With a portable potty, you never need to be afraid of spending a long time out communing with nature. Bring the convenience of your home restroom with you wherever you go.