Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning When Camping

Getting a LightWith camping being one of the most popular activities for families and couples to do together, there are many risks that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Numerous people have not taken the correct precautions while on a camping trip and because of this many people have been killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Most people either do not take the correct safety steps to prevent poisoning and there are even some who are not aware how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. what many do not know is there are so many different camping equipment that can contain carbon monoxide. It is crucial that you know the exact measures that you need to take to keep you and your family safe while on a camping trip.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is found in the fumes from burning fuel that contains carbon. Wood, charcoal, propane from a camp stove or lantern, or the gasoline that is used in the generator are all examples of what use poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide in an open area such as outside is not known to be harmful, but carbon monoxide in an enclosed or partically enclosed area can be very dangerous and can even cause death. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous because of the fact that it has no odor and is invisible.

When camping you should never bring a lantern that runs from carbon monoxide, into an enclosed tent. You may think that it will not be harmful because you can easily open up the tent and let air in, but that is far from true. Though the tent can be opened to allow air flow, it does not provide enough air flow to keep the carbon monoxide from being kept within the tent. It is important to keep the lantern outside of the tent to prevent carbon monoxide from being enclosed in the tent where you will be sleeping. You will be breathing in all of the poison, and this can be deadly. Instead get a lantern that is run from batteries, and only use the lantern that needs fuel while you are out in fluent air flow.

Keep all camp stoves, generators, and portable heaters outside and far away from any tents and shelters. If you are using a generator for any reason, place it a good distance from your tents and shelters. Most people will use generators for electricity and many people leave the generators too close. If you need to keep warm in cold weather conditions, bring extra clothing and blankets that can keep you warm. Never put a generator in your tent! Another good way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to find equipment that you need for camping, that does not contain any carbon monoxide. You may not be able to find everything that you need, but there are some products that run on batteries. You can use battery operated lanterns, and fans to have light and cool air.

The best way for you to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is simply by being aware of how to keep yourself safe from the poison. You can have an enjoyable camping experience while using equipment that uses carbon monoxide to run, if you are cautious to keep the poisons away from you. Always make sure to keep carbon monoxide out in the open and never enclosed. Keep yourself and your family safe from these poisons by following precautions while dealing with any type of carbon monoxide and be sure to check all of the camping equipment you are using for the warnings of carbon monoxide.