Basic Tips for Saving Money on Your Family RV Camping Trip

Family RV Camping TripThough RV camping is probably one of the cheapest ways of enjoying your holiday, it is always nice to keep in mind some basic tips for saving money on your family RV camping trip. These tips may help you not spend where not necessary. In any case a penny saved is a penny earned right? Why not find out those tips then?

Park in a National Park or State Owned RV Park. State owned parks and national parks will have cheaper rates than commercial RV parks. You could also go for an RV park or campground with the basic amenities such as water, electricity and sewage instead of a more higher end one which have movies, recreational facilities etc, which cost more. Campgrounds and free federal grounds are also there, where you don’t have to pay. But then, you will not have any amenities. Check out information on RV parks before setting out (and make reservations if it is the holiday season). You can get info on places such as National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). It will also help to get membership into RV clubs as some RV parks offer discount to some clubs. The clubs are also a great way to gain info and mingle.

Rent Camp Spots on Weekly or Monthly Basis. Weekly rates for a camp spot is usually lesser than daily rates and monthly rates are even lower. A word of caution though- be sure that you like the park before you rent the spot for a week.

Travel Less on RV. Spend your time exploring your local areas on foot or bicycle instead of RV. Go hiking, rent a canoe or go rafting. This will save you gas. You will also enjoy more. You are on an outdoor trip. What better way to explore the outdoors than through hiking or cycling?

Cook Your Own Food. Eating out in restaurants will cost you much more. Your RV will have a kitchen. Cook there. Or you can also cook outdoors. The food would not be just cheaper but will also have an enjoyable and natural tang to it which you won’t find in any restaurant. You can fish and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Kids will enjoy it. Come on, you would hardly spend a camping trip eating in restaurants, will you?

Find Recreation Outside. Though your RV will have electricity and even TV, dvd player etc., it would be better if you and your family spend your time doing outdoor activities such as trekking, bird watching, fishing or rafting. These activities are a great way to bond with each other. If the family members need privacy at times, you can even separate out.

You can also save money while selecting your RV.

Rent RV for Rare Use. If you are not a regular, rent your RV. You could also do that if you haven’t yet decided on your RV. RV on rent will be fully equipped and will not require any maintenance costs.
If You Buy, Buy a Basic RV. Such as Type C motor home, folding camp home or a truck camper. These will have basic amenities, though some may have less space. Type C will cost you much more than folding camping home or truck camper but lesser than Type A. They are also more maneuverable and easy to handle. If you mean to spend your time outdoors, the small sleeping space should not be a problem.
Fit Your RV with Solar Panels. You can do this only if you own the RV. Solar panels will cut down your gas and electricity costs by a lot. You will also be throwing a pitch for the environment.

If you and your family are looking for an outdoor vacation, saving money on the aforementioned areas will not be a problem. Instead you will gain by having just the outdoorsy vacation you wished for.