Figuring out the best camper for you

Finding the best camper for you will have to do with several important facts. What kind of vehicle will you be hauling or towing the camper with will determine the size of the camper. If you are looking for a fifth wheel camper you will need to have a pick- up truck fitted with a fifth wheel trailer hitch. Bumper pull campers can be pulled with about any vehicle that has a tow hitch on the bumper or receiver hitch mounted in the rear for pulling trailers. There are many sizes of campers available and some of the smaller campers can be pulled with a car or smaller pick-up. The larger campers will of course need a bigger more powerful vehicle to tow them. Some of the larger fifth wheel campers exceed 40 feet in length and are very heavy. In this case you may need a ¾ ton or 1 ton pick-up truck or a heavy duty SUV to pull these campers.

What are you going to be using the camper for? If you need a camper for spending long periods of time in you may want to find one that has all the options. Today’s campers can be outfitted with all the comforts of home. The bathrooms will be complete with tubs, showers, vanities and toilets. The bathroom may be smaller, but will have everything you need. Full kitchens along with standard size appliances and living rooms with enough rooms for full size furniture and bed rooms again with full size furniture can be found in the larger campers. These campers are usually outfitted with power a power source, water and sewage storage and either propane or electric stoves and water heaters. You will be able to set up camp just about anywhere. These kinds of campers will be the best if you are retired and plan to do a lot of traveling and setting up camp in different parts of the country for weeks or months at a time.

There are pop up campers that are very light weight and usually shorter. These will be a great option for the weekend at the lake. Some of the pop up campers will have plenty of the comforts of home, but they will be more basic and will offer a place to sleep and get out of the elements. Another plus is the pop up camper will not take up very much space when it is not being used.

Smaller bumper pull campers and campers that slide directly into the bed of your truck will be great for camping in areas where the terrain is rougher and you need to get around in tighter spaces. These camper styles will not have large living spaces, but can be found with small bathrooms and kitchens. These work great for the hunting trips where you want to camp close to or on your favorite hunting grounds.

Campers can be manufactured with or without many options. If you order or find a camper with only the options you need it may save you a lot of money. Some of the more expensive campers have generators pre mounted on them so if you own a generator this may be an option you would not want to pay for. Water storage or sewage storage can also be costly items you may not need. Just think about what you will be using the camper for and how close you will be to facilities before deciding and you may be able to find a basic camper for a great price.