Reasons Why You Might Choose A Pop-Top Camper

Afton State Park rvcamp6Camping is good, clean fun for singles and families alike. Most people think of camping as a summer activity, to be enjoyed as a series of weekend trips or possibly as a one to three week family vacation.
For those who are new to camping, purchasing equipment for these outings can seem incredibly expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. It is possible to purchase what is needed and save money by making a list of your priorities and shopping around.

Some people like to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, but that option doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many people want to travel with all the comforts of home at their disposal. We have all seen these people on the freeway en route to their next destination. Some drive recreational vehicles the size of buses, towing a smaller car behind them. Others have chosen a 5th wheel camper which is towed by a truck specially outfitted for that purpose. Rigs of both types are spacious, beautiful, and truly capable of traveling with all the comforts of home. They are equipped with functional kitchens complete with full-sized refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. They have roomy bathrooms complete with shower stalls, the bedrooms feature full size beds, and the living area has television with DVD player. They can be equipped with antennas so no one has to risk missing their favorite TV show. They are also quite expensive. Most new campers of this sort will cost over $100,000, and because they are considered to be a luxury item, it is easier to purchase a house if financing is needed.

The pop-top camper can be a much more feasible choice for many. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found at many dealerships for less than $10,000. Those who wish to spend less money can find used campers that are still in good condition for about $1,000-$1,500 by shopping around and watching the local ads.

For those who want to spend still less money, and are willing to take on repair projects, older model campers in less than ideal condition are sometimes available. These campers are great for many people, because they can be altered to suit the needs of specific owners. There are internet web sites dedicated to owners of specific model campers, where repair ideas utilized by other owners are shared.

As an added bonus, the pop-top camper is compact and lightweight. Many campers have the capacity to provide sleeping space for six people, but can be towed behind the family car. Trailer hitches can be installed in minutes at many locations that deal with trailers, and this option is much less expensive than having to purchase a truck and the special equipment for towing a 5th wheel.

Pop-top campers usually feature a small refrigerator or icebox, propane stove, and a power supply unit for interior lights. Some come equipped with a shower stall, and ample storage space for food, clothes, a few family games, and maybe a portable TV or weather radio.

For winter camping trips, the pop-top camper can be equipped with a small space heater. It is even possible to design and create an inexpensive, decorative, heavy-duty inner lining which will help to keep in heat, and can be removed for summer!

There are many options available and methods for saving money that haven’t been listed here. There is no reason that enjoying the great outdoors has to cost a fortune. Just select your pop-top camper and enjoy a beautiful park or campground!