Why Buy and Protect Your Travel Trailer?

If the pull of the open road has been tugging at you lately, you may be ready to move into a whole new kind of freedom with your own RV. The benefits of owning a travel trailer are both practical and subjective, depending upon whom you talk to. Since the 1920s, people have been discovering how easy and freeing it is to be able to hook on to your travel trailer and head down the road for a long weekend, or an extended vacation. The “Tin Can Tourists” of so many years ago are the adventurers of today.

For some, traveling on the open road has become a fulltime way of life. And RVing is no longer just for the retired. Families are packing up and traveling as part of their children’s educational experience. Couples and singles alike are finding creative ways to stay on the move and work from the cozy comfort of their home on wheels. Travel trailers, conveniently pulled behind any sturdy vehicle, can offer all the comforts of home without the hassle of yard work, utility bills, and chronic problems with the neighbors.

A new trend in the RV world actually has been encouraged by the economy of the last few years. For some, moving out from under a heavy debt load into the relatively low investment and minimal maintenance of a travel trailer is the only solution financially. Moving from one favorite campsite to another is the plus side of not having one’s own home or paying exorbitant rent for an apartment or condo.

Travel trailers allow singles, couples, and families to be as adventurous as they like, choosing their climate conditions and length of stay in any particular part of the country. Extended visits to family members are so much easier and enjoyable when you bring your own little home right behind you. Of course, some families decide to plant their travel trailers in one spot, at a lake or campsite that is close enough to allow weekend retreats from the stress of Monday-Friday. Why worry about trying to buy an expensive vacation home when you can stay in the same beautiful area for a fraction of the cost and none of the responsibility that comes with owning property there?

The benefits of travel trailers may be debated when comparing them to other recreational vehicles, but the fact is, per square foot, pull-behind RVs offer a much better deal than costly motorized coaches. They can be hauled by any weight-appropriate vehicle. If you use a van or an SUV, more passenger space is available than in a truck, the only vehicle that can haul a 5th wheeler. While there may be less storage space within the travel trailer, the back of the hauling vehicle is free for use.

The new light weight travel trailers may actually give better fuel mileage and less strain on the vehicle towing it. Better stabilizing hitches also solve the swaying problem that 5th wheelers have avoided. Fans of travel trailers also like living on one floor and avoiding the stairs of the two-level versions. Additionally, they appreciate being lower to the ground, which is much more convenient for people with disabilities.

Having a travel trailer is not without any responsibility. This sizeable investment needs to be protected from unexpected road accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters. RV insurance plans can give peace of mind whether you are living in your vehicle fulltime or counting down the days until you can escape and go RVing once more. Policies include your personal items, fire department service fees, debris removal, and a host of other benefits unique to having a travel trailer.

Proper maintenance such as checking the tires and operating equipment is also important. By caring properly for your vehicle, you are protecting yourself as well. Roadside emergencies are inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. Regular maintenance saves money on costly repairs further down the road. Your travel trailer, if carefully cared for, can offer you years of faithful service and retain some trade-in value when you are ready to retire it. RV covers can be purchased to protect your travel trailer when not in use and thus extend the life of its exterior. Washing and waxing may be tedious, but they are also part of the up-keep plan for your vehicle.

There are many benefits to owning a travel trailer, and there are a few responsibilities as well. However, this is one case in which the benefits definitely win out. Endless, less expensive vacations that can at some point stretch into fulltime living on the road are worth considering. Weekends out on the road with your kids or sweetheart are another. Maybe it’s time to consider buying your own travel trailer and heading out on the open road to see what adventure awaits you.