Sleeping Alternatives for Camping

If campers are camping through an RV or a cabin, their sleeping needs are already taken care of.  This is because both of these provide beds that campers can sleep on.  However, things are not so easy when it comes to camping in a tent.  Indeed, it would be nice if there were tents that could include beds within them, but at the moment they don’t.  Instead, people must decide for themselves how they are going to sleep.  Adventures people may think about sleeping on the floor, but this is not recommended both because of comfort and bugs.  So the best thing to do is to decide among three sleeping alternatives common for campers: sleeping bags, camping beds or air mattresses.

Of the sleeping alternatives for camping available, sleeping bags are the ones that have been the most associated with a genuine camping experience.  Perhaps this is because this is as close to sleeping on the ground as one can be.  Comfort-wise, sleeping bags may not be as nice as a camping bed or an air mattress, because they are basically just glorified blankets.  They do an excellent job of keeping people warm, but they do not offer a more plush surface to sleep on.  Additionally, they can only hold one person, something that is not convenient for couples.  Yet, when it comes to purchasing sleeping bags, campers will find they are cheap and widely available.

The next sleeping option that is used for camping is the camping bed.  Camping beds are simply small cots.  Some will have a portable mattress, others will not.  One good thing about camping beds is that they remove a person from a floor, so there’s less of a chance they will get bugs crawling around on their faces, (which is what could happen with a sleeping bag).  However, most camping beds, (just like sleeping bags), can only accommodate one person and they tend to be expensive.

The final alternative for sleeping during camping is the air mattress.  Air mattresses are the most comfortable option for campers.  They are also as portable as sleeping bags. Additionally, air mattresses can be big enough to hold more than one person.  In fact, there are many air mattresses that are king or queen-sized, which is excellent for couples and/or families that want to lounge around comfortably while in their tent.  The downside to air mattresses is that they tend to be much more expensive than the other alternatives available for camp sleep.  Yet, many campers feel that their advantages are so good, the extra expense is worth it in the long run.

In conclusion, the three main sleeping options for tent camping include: sleeping bags, camping beds or air mattresses.  None of these will match the comfort that one gets at home, but they are certainly better than having to sleep directly on the floor.  The only option that best mirrors home sleeping is the air mattress for the obvious reason that it is a mattress.  Of course, some camping cots have a mattress too, but if a person is not used to sleeping on a cot they may not find it very comfortable at all.  So, all in all, if comfort is what a camper is looking for they need to stick with the air mattress.  Otherwise, they should consider using sleeping bags if cost is a consideration.