The Camping Toilet

The call of nature continues even during a camping trip.  When it does make its ring, it can be very annoying for campers.  If they are on a dispersed camping ground, they will need to do their business in a hole they dig in a ground.  Using the bathroom this way can be uncomfortable and possibly messy, if they have a bad defecation.  On the other hand, if campers are utilizing a campground, they can use a public restroom, but this may be quite a walk away from where their site is.  For these reasons the best alternative for dealing with bathroom concerns is by using a camping toilet.  This article will discuss the various types of camping toilet campers can use for their next trek out in the wilderness.

The most elaborate camping toilet is one in which wastes can be flushed through water a person places in the unit.  These units are completely self-contained, and store the waste and the water in special tanks.  In the case of the waste tank, everything is conveniently out of the view of the camper, both as they are using the bathroom and when they are ready to discard of the waste.  The price of this type of camping toilet ranges can be less than $50 or a little over $100.

The next type of camping toilet is one in which wastes are collected in a trash bag.  The style of this type of camping toilet varies.  Some camping toilets of this nature are cardboard and can be folded up when not in use.  The other type which tend to be more common are those that stand on legs.  They may or may not have the capacity to fold up.  Either way, these types of camping toilets are extremely cheap.  Campers can expect to pay between $13 and $75 if they get a camping toilet in this form.

The third type of camping toilet is one which the camper uses a seat that is placed over a bucket.  The downside to this type of camping toilet is that the waste is not as well packaged as it is with the other forms of camping toilets.  It may also be somewhat uncomfortable use.  Additionally, there is not much of a savings cost-wise with these types of camping toilets, as they tend to be priced similarly to camping toilets that use trash bags.

The final variety of camping toilet is a seat that attaches to a trailer hitch.  Camping toilets in this form can use trash bags, buckets or nothing for the more adventurous camper.  Cost-wise they are cheap, as they are just a little more than $10.

In conclusion, with a camping toilet, going to the bathroom during a camping trip no longer has to be an issue.  On top of this, there are even privacy tents campers can buy to make sure the call of nature remains as it should be… a personal matter between a camper, nature and the camping toilet.