Types of Camping

For outdoor enthusiasts and casual nature lovers alike, camping is a popular pastime. However, there is much more to camping than putting up a tent, building a fire, and roasting some marshmallows. Though that might be the typical image that comes to mind when one pictures a camping trip, there are actually several different types of camping. Whether you prefer to be truly roughing it or you want a taste of home, there is a style of camping for everyone.

Wilderness Camping

For the true adventurer, this is the best type of camping. Wilderness camping is when you pack a backpack up with all of the essentials you’ll need to survive for a few days, including some food, basic supplies, and a sleeping bag or tent. Campers will then hike into the woods somewhere until they choose to settle down and make their camp. Wilderness camping means that you won’t be at any sort of site specifically designated for camping; instead you go out on your own into the woods and find any place that you like. However, you should still do research beforehand about the area that you will in. That way you will know what sort of environment and surroundings to expect, and you will also know is there are any regulations against camping in that specific area.

Wilderness campers must be completely self-sufficient, since they will truly be in the middle of nature and the wild and will not have any of the conveniences of modern living. This means you will have to provide all of your own food, water, and medicine if necessary. Also keep in mind that there will not be any plumbing, so going to the bathroom or taking a shower will be different than what you might be used to at home. Luckily, you can plan out what you will need for the trip and you should make sure you have anything you might need in your backpack.

Wilderness camping is best suited to groups of adults who have prior camping experience and are comfortable with the idea of being relatively alone in the woods or forest. It’s not really a good option for families or inexperienced campers. It’s also never a good idea to go camping in the wilderness by yourself in case something happens or there is some sort of emergency.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is the perfect option for those who want to get a taste of living with nature but aren’t quite ready to journey out into the woods on their own. With tent camping you travel to a specific area that is designated as a campsite and you are able to set up your tent. Most campsites charge a fee and some require reservations made in advance. While you can sleep in a tent and cook your food over a fire, campsites also provide amenities such as showers, restrooms, and sometimes even laundry rooms.

Families looking for a camping trip will enjoy tent camping, since it is relatively safe and everything you might need in an emergency will be provided, but you will also have the opportunity to be close to nature. Inexperienced campers will also find this to be a good introduction to camping.

RV Camping

If you own an RV, you have an easy way to create your own vacation. RV camping is when you take your vehicle to an RV campsite and stay there for awhile. You can experience some elements of camping, such as going hiking in nearby woods or making a fire to cook your hot dogs on. However, you will have an indoor place to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom. RV camping is convenient because you can drive your vehicle to wherever you’re going and use that as the place where you will stay as well.

True nature lovers and outdoors people may not enjoy RV camping because you’re not sleeping under the stars or truly interacting with nature, but it’s a good option for families with small kids or anyone who isn’t ready to brave the outdoors but still wants a taste of nature.

Cabin Camping

Cabin camping is very similar to RV camping, except that you rent a cabin instead of bringing your own RV. There are areas that rent cabins out for people to use, so you can have an actual bed, kitchen, and bathroom conveniently located near areas that are good for hiking or exploring the outdoors.