Why Every Camper Needs to Invest in Bearproof Storage Containers

There is nothing like leaving civilization behind and heading out to the great outdoors.  Once in the wilderness you can commune with nature and forget all about the stresses of daily life.  But the wilderness can have its own stresses – and it is important for every camper to be prepared.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many first time campers is keeping wandering bears out of their campsites and away from their vehicles.  As civilizations has encroached on their habitat bears have become increasingly adept at finding food, and many bears have unfortunately learned to associate humans with lots and lots of food.  That doesn’t mean they plan to eat humans – it just means they have learned that wherever humans are food is sure to be as well.   This can be good for the bears – and bad for the humans – unless those humans have taken steps to protect their food and their personal property.

One of the easiest ways for campers to protect themselves and their food is to invest in plenty of bear-proof storage containers.  These special storage containers are designed specifically to keep bears at bay, and every camper should purchase such containers before heading off to the woods for the first time.  Whether they are camping deep in the wilderness or just off the highway at a state or local park chances are bears also call the area home.   If you doubt the value of bear-proof containers for your next camping trip consider the following:

Bears Can Be Dangerous

Visitors to national parks often make the trip just to see the bears, and these creatures can be fascinating and delightful to watch.  But bears can also be dangerous, and a hungry bear rummaging through your campsite is not something you want to see.  No matter how adorable they may be, bears are still wild animals, and all wild animals can be dangerous.

Bears Can Be Unpredictable

Many campers feel that they do not need to invest in bear-proof storage containers because they have never had a problem with bears.  That is short-sighted thinking – bears can be quite unpredictable – and you never know where a hungry mom and her cubs will show up next.  Even if you have never had a problem with bears before chances are your luck will run out some day.

Bears Can Be Destructive

If you doubt the destructive power of a hungry bear just think of him as a five hundred pound burglar rummaging through your home (or your tent).  Bears are powerful, strong and above all determined to get what they want.  If they find the food you have stored improperly they will get it – no matter how much gear they have to destroy to get at it.

Damages Done by Marauding Bears Can Be Costly to Repair

The gear a hungry bear destroys in the search for food can be very costly to replace, so it just makes sense to protect yourself by avoiding the problem in the first place.  Bear-proof containers are designed to not only protect food but to mask its scent as well.  If the bears can’t smell the food chances are they will leave your campsite alone and undamaged.  But if they find the food you have stored there chances are good your equipment could be seriously damaged or even destroyed.  If the thought of purchasing a new tent, sleeping bag and camp stove is less than thrilling it may be time to invest in some simple and inexpensive bear-proof storage containers.