Scuba Tank Air Compressor Technology

Scuba diving tanks allow divers to remain underwater for extended periods. The technology scuba tanks use is fairly straightforward, but it is critical that they function well and remain in good order. A malfunction, especially at significant diving depths, can have life and death consequences. Let’s a take a slightly more in depth look at […]

Properly Fitting A Child To A PFD or Life Vest

Before you take your child boating or swimming in open water, it’s important to choose the right personal flotation device, or PFD. With children, there are more considerations than for an adult, such as fit, style, and the child’s swimming ability. There are several different grades of PFDs, ranging from Type I to Type V, […]

Proper Care & Feeding Of Your PFD

Whether you’re swimming, skiing, boating, or any other water sports, you rely on your personal floatation device, or PFD, to take care of you in an emergency. No one wants, or expects, an emergency, but if it happens, you need to be confident that your PFD won’t fail. To ensure your PFD will work correctly, […]