Life Vests: Life-Saving Reasons to Wear One

Boating is a beloved hobby of many worldwide. While it can be one of the most relaxing activities, boating can go wrong in a hurry. When accidents occur, the survival of the boaters depends greatly on the preparations they have taken to ensure their safety in case of an accident. One of the essential steps […]

Going to Busy Harbors, or Staying Away

When sailing or boating, there are many choices for harbors. Whether on the Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean, or the Atlantic Ocean, there are busy harbors and harbors that are barely discovered. One must decide when coming in to port what type of port one would most like to put in at. There are pros […]

Someone Stole my Boat, What Next

Unfortunately boats sometimes get stolen just like cars. Sometimes they are easier to steal than cars, at least initially, because they are often left unsecured and they can be sailed off without much noise when no one’s around. It’s important to lock boats when they are not in use, especially in high traffic boating areas […]