How to Find the Best Scuba Instructor and Dive Shop

Finding the best scuba instructor and dive shop is not always easy. There are quite a few instructors out there working out of a great many dive shops. The quality of the dive shops will vary and the best of the best will standout from the crowd. Of course, those looking to take lessons in […]

How to Deal With a Leaking Diving Mask

Leaky masks can turn diving from an extraordinarily enjoyable experience into a chore. If you constantly need to clear your mask, you will never really get the chance to look at your underwater surroundings. This is quite the nuisance, and if you are not skilled at clearing your diving mask, it can become less of […]

How to Choose Your Dive Watch

If you have ever been scuba diving, you know that your body absorbs nitrogen during a dive. It is always important to monitor your levels of nitrogen and keep it at acceptable limits. Keeping track of your depth and time under the surface is how these levels are monitored. A dive watch keeps up with […]