Camping in Extreme Weather

It’s almost inevitable if you spend a lot of time outdoors – sooner or later you will run into extreme weather conditions. By thinking ahead and preparing for the worst, you can easily make it through any difficulties. Camping is more popular than ever. With people budgeting their money more carefully these days, many are […]

Camping with Kids – Tips and Advice for Parents

Camping with kids is fun, no two ways about it. Kids bring out the kids in parents with their enthusiasm, their sense of exploring and the way even the littlest thing excites them. Kids enjoy searching for tadpoles as much as searching for firewood. To them it is equally fun to swim in the lake, […]

Buying a New RV – Tips to Save Time and Money

Apart from your home, your RV may be the single most expensive item you ever buy. These four simple tips are guaranteed to save you time and money during the process. • Figure Out What You Want Before You Shop. Sounds like a no brainer, right? You’d be surprised at the number of people who […]