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iStock_000003474764XSmallIf the idea of buying an RV is something you are interested in, don’t think that you can’t afford it. There are many ways you can save money on buying one of them. First, you can avoid all the fancy things. Sure, you want a comfortable RV but that doesn’t mean you have to get all the perks. Be realistic about what you will use and how you will use it. Then you will save money because you are only going to pay for what you will actually be using.

Do your homework before you buy an RV so you know what the retail price is. You want to take the year, the model, the mileage, and the overall condition of it into consideration. When you know what the price should be for such an item you won’t get taken advantage of. It also gives you some bargaining power to work with.


When traveling on the road with an RV, waste water systems can be be very useful while you are driving or decide to stop at a campsite. RV waste systems consist of holding tanks, the toilet,and the tank dump valves. These waste water systems use p-traps and vents that are used to help release the oders and gases from the RV. It is exactly the same way that oders and gases are released from your house.

Waste Water will be seperated into black and gray colored water. The black water is associated with the waste that is flushed down from the toilet. Black water is kept in only one tank that is known as the black tank. The gray water is referred to as the waste water that comes from the Rv sink, tub drains, and shower. This waste is stored in either one or more of the gray tanks. These two waste tanks will be emptied by using one single outlet and each one is operated by seperate valves.

RV Awning Repair

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All recreational vehicle owners like to have comfort while travelling. RV awning is one way to be under shade and be protected from rain. Majority of the RV’s life is spent on the road and hence an awning can be easily damaged. Repairing the RV awning on our own is easy. Let us see few RV repairing instructions that guide us to clean up the repairs on a damaged awning.
As an initial point, ensure that a rip or a tear in the RV awning doesn’t get any bigger or longer. Smaller repairs are easy to fix rather than replacing it with a brand new awning. If the rip is more than 3 feet or quarter length of the awning, we might have to get the section sewed from someone or replace it completely. Purchase a roll of clear RV awning tape. It comes handy during the time of need.

How to Repair an Awning


Afton State Park rvcamp6Camping is good, clean fun for singles and families alike. Most people think of camping as a summer activity, to be enjoyed as a series of weekend trips or possibly as a one to three week family vacation.
For those who are new to camping, purchasing equipment for these outings can seem incredibly expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. It is possible to purchase what is needed and save money by making a list of your priorities and shopping around.

Some people like to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground, but that option doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many people want to travel with all the comforts of home at their disposal. We have all seen these people on the freeway en route to their next destination. Some drive recreational vehicles the size of buses, towing a smaller car behind them. Others have chosen a 5th wheel camper which is towed by a truck specially outfitted for that purpose. Rigs of both types are spacious, beautiful, and truly capable of traveling with all the comforts of home. They are equipped with functional kitchens complete with full-sized refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. They have roomy bathrooms complete with shower stalls, the bedrooms feature full size beds, and the living area has television with DVD player. They can be equipped with antennas so no one has to risk missing their favorite TV show. They are also quite expensive. Most new campers of this sort will cost over $100,000, and because they are considered to be a luxury item, it is easier to purchase a house if financing is needed.


Getting a LightWith camping being one of the most popular activities for families and couples to do together, there are many risks that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Numerous people have not taken the correct precautions while on a camping trip and because of this many people have been killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Most people either do not take the correct safety steps to prevent poisoning and there are even some who are not aware how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. what many do not know is there are so many different camping equipment that can contain carbon monoxide. It is crucial that you know the exact measures that you need to take to keep you and your family safe while on a camping trip.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is found in the fumes from burning fuel that contains carbon. Wood, charcoal, propane from a camp stove or lantern, or the gasoline that is used in the generator are all examples of what use poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide in an open area such as outside is not known to be harmful, but carbon monoxide in an enclosed or partically enclosed area can be very dangerous and can even cause death. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous because of the fact that it has no odor and is invisible.

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