Plastic Worm Fishing – How to Catch Fish on Plastic Worms

One of the most rewarding outdoor sports and favorite pastimes is fishing. Fishing has been a part of human kind since the formation of hunting and gathering societies. From there, fishing was established as a way to provide food for consumption, and it would later become a hobby and sport. During the present, fishing has evolved into a multi billion dollar recreational sport, as well as a commercial industry that would rival the recreational fishermen in revenue. There are many different types of fishing that one can participate in such as fly fishing, saltwater fishing, big game fishing, and bass fishing. One of the most popular forms of fresh water fishing is bass fishing, where one uses a variety of artificial lures to catch their game. A lure that has been a favorite of the past and increasingly popular of the present is the plastic fishing worm.

The Carolina Rig

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Tips for Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fishing for largemouth bass is a sport enjoyed by tens of thousands of people throughout the world. For some, this isn’t just a hobby but a way of life. People who enjoy bass fishing to the point where they earn their living doing so have countless amounts of knowledge, tips, and tricks to pass on to the novice fishermen. These men and women are out on the lake at least eight hours per day, just as any other job requires, and some are out there from dawn until dusk. Fishing for largemouth bass is not like fishing for other freshwater fish. There is much skill that is involved in largemouth bass fishing, such as knowing what lure to use and when to use them.

Worms not of the Earth

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Repairing Breathable Chest Waders

A leak in your expensive breathable chestwaders can be frustrating. While many companies will repair the waders for free, you may not want to wait. You can repair them at home easily.

Finding a Leak
The first thing that you must do before repairing a leak in your breathable chest waders is to find the leak in them. This can be an easy job, or a rather complicated job.

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