Sharpening a Fishing Hook

Fishers often spend a lot of time discussing knots, rods, reels, boats, lines, and a number of other topics related to the art of fishing. However, there is often surprisingly little discussion about the most direct and primary connection between you, the fisher, and the fish: the hook. A sharp hook increases the chances of […]

What’s the Difference in Fishine Line?

Choosing a type of fishing line can be quite confusing at times, since there are a huge number of different fishing lines on the shelves today. Depending on what type of fish you’re after, where you’ll be fishing, and personal preference, you may need a different line than your buddy. You may go through hours […]

Shimano Spinning Reels – Rise in Popularity

When selling a product, all companies attempt to explain what their product is and how it functions or performs better than its competitor. However, what really makes a company great is when it can convince customers to buy into the idea of why they do what they do. When a company has accomplished this task, […]