Tips for Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fishing for largemouth bass is a sport enjoyed by tens of thousands of people throughout the world. For some, this isn’t just a hobby but a way of life. People who enjoy bass fishing to the point where they earn their living doing so have countless amounts of knowledge, tips, and tricks to pass on […]

Northern Pike Fishing – Real World Fun

Anglers wanting to experience one of the finest freshwater fishing experiences in the world have a great resource close at hand. Northern pike, sometimes referred to as “water wolves” because of their razor-sharp teeth and aggressive disposition, are the fish of choice for thousands of big-fish chasers in North America and northern Europe. A big […]

Nightfishing for Catfish

Long after most anglers have called it a day, and the sun has disappeared behind the mountain ridges, replaced by the still, blue brilliance of the moon, a new commotion begins to take form beneath the cool surface of the lake. The heat of the summer day has finally subsided, and the lake surface, once […]