How to Catch Fluke

A staple fish on any seafood restaurant’s menu is flounder or what some call fluke. Fluke is a fish caught in a variety of saltwater environments although it can be a tricky fish to target. Many people spend countless days targeting fluke due to its firm and mild tasting meat, which is considered by many […]

The Cheapest Way to Get a Lobster

I had never been much of a hunter, and was not more than a mildly enthusiastic fisherman, so when a friend first asked me to go lobster hunting, I was a little confused and not terribly enthusiastic. “Don’t you mean lobster fishing?” I asked. “No,” he replied. “I definitely mean hunting. There is no fishing […]

Lobster hunting

If you like the outdoors and plan to catch lobster you will need to do it in about 1/10 of a second! In Florida the Lobster season starts in the month of August and if you go with the fishing pros who have a fishing license you can catch your own lobsters. Many companies provide […]