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One Pot Campfire Meals

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Camping is a great adventure outdoors. Cooking can be too. These are some simple and delicious one pot camping meals for a crowd. Simple and easy to prepare, the whole family will love these one pot meals.

Beanie Weenie Pot

How to Cook Wild Boar

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Wild boar is pig meat and may be prepared more or less like any other pork meat. The difference between wild boar and domestic pork, however, is that wild boar meat is leaner. A lot leaner. In fact, wild boar is so lean that a special subset of rules must be followed before cooking and during the cooking process to make sure your meal is palatable.
If prepared right, however, wild boar can be some of the finest table fare. It has a distinctive, sharp, and unmistakable flavor that sets it apart from domestic pork fare—one that makes all the necessary preparations worth the delicious results.
To start with, it’s important that your wild boar has had a quick, clean death. If the hunting process was slow or involved a chase, a gut shot, or any other type of slower, drawn out passing, this could result in a stronger, tougher taste to your meal. If this was the case, it’s even more important to follow these directions precisely to make sure your boar is not only edible but wonderful!
Like any other game meat, wild boar should be hung for a few days to a week before it is jointed. After that, if you have frozen the boar meat in the interim, you’ll have to leave it a couple more days to defrost. Wild boar meat should never be defrosted or cooked in a microwave as this will result in a very unpleasant tough texture to your meat.
If possible, marinate the meat the night before in a natural meat tenderizer like wine or pineapple juice—even beer, if you have some to spare. When it comes time to cook the meat, you’ll want to trim off any soft fat as this is unpleasant to encounter on your plate. Although not as unhealthy as the hard fat found in domestic pork, soft fat is still undesirable for most wild boar dishes.
Never undercook wild boar meat. If not cooked thoroughly, wild boar meat has a slight risk of transmitting trichinosis and you definitely do not want that to happen. This is not to say that you can’t have your meat rare. Wild boar today has usually been range fed and thus can usually be enjoyed rare without the risk of complications. To safely achieve this, the wild boar should be cooked over a low heat for a long amount of time. This should take care of any health concerns while still allowing you a delicious meal.
Most people like to smoke their wild boar as it seems to best bring out the subtle flavor of the hog, adding to it the zesty tang of the smoke. Wild boar can also be baked or barbecued. Turn your heat down to just under 300 degrees while you prepare the other ingredients.
If you’re a lemon guy, use lemons and maybe a couple onions to season your meat. If not, many people use potatoes or bell peppers. Garlic doesn’t usually go so well with wild boar but if you’re feeling adventurous you’re welcome to try it out on your taste buds.
Most wild boar chefs recommend that you wrap the meat together with all the spices and seasonings before putting it in the oven. This is usually best done with aluminum foil and prevents all the delicious drippings and vapors from leaking out and lessening the flavor.
Most chefs also recommend that you at least quarter your wild boar before cooking it. This drastically lessens cooking time and makes sure that no part of the boar is left raw. If quartered, your boar should take around six hours to cook thoroughly. If left whole, you may have to leave it in all day.
Even though it will take a long time to cook, make sure to keep an eye on your wild boar while it sits in the oven. Rotate it every once in a while from top to bottom and left to right to ensure that all sides cook evenly. You may check inside the wrap and even cut open the meat to see if it has cooked properly on the inside as well, just don’t leave the oven open for too long or the heat will escape.


On one hand, a good liquid fuel stove is a camper’s best friend because it can do many things for us. It can melt snow for water. It can boil water to cook food quickly. It can also be an emergency source of heat if need be. As a result, people who are seriously interested in camping as a hobby should consider purchasing a liquid fuel stove.

On the other hand, sporting goods stores and Internet retailers offer liquid fuel stoves that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. This can make it difficult for beginners to find the right stove because it can be hard for beginners to decide what to look for when they purchase a liquid fuel stove.

Easy-to-Make Menu Ideas for Camping

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One of the best things about camping out is huddling around a campfire with friends or relatives and cooking your own food. Here are a few easy camping menu ideas for you to try out on your next trip

The key piece of any menu is undoubtedly the entree. When you are camping out, you want something as simple as possible, preferably something you can cook yourself over a fire The old campground standby is, of course, the hot dog, and with good reason: there are few things more delicious than a slightly charred frankfurter with a healthy coat of mustard and relish when you are cracking open some drinks to enjoy with your friends. It is worth nothing, however, that while it may seem more romantic to use that stick you found on the hiking trail, it is much more sanitary to use a metal prong made for just this purpose and available at most camping supplies stores.

Liquid Fuel Stoves for Camping

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There are few things in life that can bring you as close to nature as camping. Putting yourself out in the elements, sleeping in a tent with nothing but a sleeping bag between you and the earth just seems to be one of the most rewarding experiences. Perhaps the best part about camping is the detachment from the hustle and bustle of the world we all live in. There are no business meetings, cell phones tying us down or other responsibilities weighing us down. Even though camping is generally done to get away from electronic devices and other technology, there are some things that are a real necessity for all campers. One such thing is a liquid fuel stove.

When camping, there are very basic things that are needed; food, shelter and clothing. Shelter is often supplied in the form of a tent or other structure that you choose to sleep in for the duration of the camping venture. Clothing is usually satisfied by whatever you decided to bring along with you. The general need for food and sustenance can be met by bringing items that do not require heating or preparation, but there is always a need for cooking meat and eggs and such. If you decide you would like to live off of prepared foods that do not need refrigeration, then a stove is still a necessity. Campers that plan to spend any extended amount of time in the wilderness know that water is the most important thing the body needs. In the event that you do not bring enough water for your trip, you will need to boil water from a lake or stream. There are minerals in this water, as well as the carcasses of dead animals and their waste, that you will not want to consume. This is where boiling the bacteria out of the water is essential.

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