Outdoor Cooking Tips

There are many great ways to have fun with outdoor cooking these days. In fact there are many parks and outdoor facilities that provide grills to the public. This is ideal for many people that do not have their own portable grill but still want to enjoy everything that outdoor cooking has to offer. However […]

Hiking and Cooking

Some people only go hiking for a day, and are content with snacks such as trail mix. There are others who attempt to go hiking for multiple days. While some people want to hike and completely “rough it” on small snacks, others are going to want to actually cook while they are hiking. While it […]

Tips That Can Help Beginners Purchase a Liquid Fuel Stove

On one hand, a good liquid fuel stove is a camper’s best friend because it can do many things for us. It can melt snow for water. It can boil water to cook food quickly. It can also be an emergency source of heat if need be. As a result, people who are seriously interested […]