Hunting Knives – Choosing the Right Knife For You

The most common error in choosing a hunting knife is either picking one that is too big or too small for the tasks it will be required to perform. Many novice hunters are under the impression that a huge hunting knife is necessary for skinning game animals. Even a brown bear can be skinned with […]

Top 5 Tips to Master Archery Deer Hunting

Deer hunting with a bow is extremely challenging, and this is precisely why it draws so many hunters each season. The payoff to the greater challenge is the increased gratification that the hunter earns when they successfully complete the hunt. In order to do this, they need determination, focus, patience, practice, and time. In addition, […]

How to Hunt Turkey – Getting the Most Out of Your Slate Call

Virtually every turkey hunter has heard of something called a slate call. Slate calls are the primary tool of any turkey hunter and are small metal or glass objects that use a striker to produce the sound of a turkey call. Learning how to properly use one will make you a better hunter in no […]