Using the English Gate for Better Canoe Control

Americans call it the English Gate, the English call it the Wiggle Test, but the blame needs to end up somewhere. A method for improving personal control of a kayak or canoe without having to travel to great lengths to large bodies of water, the English Gate or Wiggle Test is easy to set up, […]

A guide to inflatable canoes

Picking an inflatable canoe is an exciting proposition. Choosing the right canoe for your needs guarantees many hours of boating pleasure and years of low-maintenance, cost-saving outdoor adventures. The advantages of owning an inflatable canoe over an aluminum, Kevlar or plastic canoe are many. One of the first things the new owner of an inflatable […]

Tips for Buying Used Canoes Online

Today‚Äôs canoes are sold in several different styles and designs. They are also manufactured from a range of materials depending on the purpose of the canoe. In particular, you should understand the distinction among the different styles of canoes before you make your online purchase. The styles include recreational canoes, tripping canoes, and high-performance canoes. […]