Paddling the Weeki Wachee River

Weeki WacheeThe Weeki Wachee River of Florida is one of the truly wonderful getaway destinations for anyone who enjoys being out in nature. Located north of Tampa in Hernando County, this river is filled with crystal clear water and provides twelve miles of beautiful scenery and fun activities.

Perhaps the most famous spot on this beautiful natural resource is Weeki Wachee Springs. Here you’ll find live underwater variety shows that star real live mermaids. The submerged Mermaid Theater is a fun place to catch these ladies in a spectacular show, or you can board a river boat to take a group cruise along the river. You can even make arrangements to scuba dive in the Weeki Wachee Springs if you’re part of a dive shop group. Snorkeling—always a fun activity—is encouraged there as well.

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Seminoe State Park

For those vacationers seeking a most unique experience while in the far west, Semino State Park is a great destination spot. It is located on State Road 220, approximately 35 miles north of the I-80 between the towns of Sinclair and Casper, Wyoming. There is something for everyone in the family including dunes, rivers and even a man-made reservoir. Camping is abundant as well, so whether this is for hunting and fishing or just a family getaway, this makes for one ideal spot that the entire clan will get a kick out of visiting.

Seminoe State Park is in the south/central part of Wyoming, and features beautiful scenery along with an almost untouched landscape. There are relatively few people that inhabit this area, so it offers wildlife at its most basic. There are many things to do for sportsmen and that includes boating on the many waterways, a beach for sunbathers and for trout fishermen, some world class areas in which to snag that prized species. With four different campgrounds and a host of water activities, this truly is a vacation paradise that many people are just starting to discover.

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Sinks Canyon State Park

Sinks Canyon State Park is located in Lander, Wyoming in the Wind River Mountains. The sinks themselves are formed of limestone, the main point which is called the Madison Limestone Formation. The sinks are for viewing only, as the crevices are dark and narrow and so far no one has attempted to climb into them.

Sinks Canyon State Park got its name from a phenomenon called the sinks. The Popo Agie River, which was named so by the Crow Indians for its tall rye grasses, runs through the park. It’s middle fork vanishes into a large, underground limestone cavern, the sinks, and later reappears .25 miles into a pool, named the Rise. While these phenomena are not uncommon in limestone formations, the sheer size of the sinks and length of time the water takes to travel underground (approximately 2 hours) makes the Sinks especially unique. The pool is filled with trout, mainly rainbow and browns, who live out a life of leisure – no fishing is allowed here. The park has a variety of hiking trails for the adventuresome as well as facilities for picnicking, camping, and rock climbing. Fishing is also available in other areas of the park.

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