Sam Parr State Park

The Sam Parr State Park is an excellent attraction for nature lovers and campers in the state of Illinois. There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed in this large 1,180 acre park. One of the most appealing things about Sam Parr is that it includes a 183 acre lake. This is great […]

Moraine Hills State Park

If you are traveling to the state of Illinois, you should consider Moraine Hills State Park as one of your itineraries. This suburban state park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities like hiking, bird watching and biking as well as refreshing, natural scenery perfect for breaking away from the busy city life. Location […]

Horseshoe Lake State Park

Horseshoe Lake State Park is a 2,960 acre state park found in the state of Illinois, United States. The state park surrounds Horseshoe Lake, so-called because of its shape like that of a large horseshoe. Horseshoe Lake is considered the second biggest natural lake and makes up almost 2,400 acres of the total area of […]