Illinois Beach State Park

Illinois Beach State Park is one of the loveliest state parks in the whole Mid-West. But what is it that sets this park apart from other well-known sites like Wisconsin’s Big Foot Beach and Missouri’s Montauk State Park? The wide-open park stretches over six miles along the environmentally protected, placid beach ridge shoreline of Lake […]

Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area

The Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area actually began its life as a shallow sea. It eventually took its shape from the second of two glaciers that once covered the area. The marsh that was left behind from the second glacier attracted an abundance of wildlife, drawing Native Americans, settlers, and sportsmen to the area. […]

Goose Lake Prairie State Park

The Goose Lake Prairie State Park in Morris, Illinois exemplifies why the State of Illinois is called the “Prairie State”. This name came from the fact that, prior to and during a considerable part of the 1800s, the state was composed of 60 percent prairie land with the other 40 percent being prairie indigenous flowering […]