Wildcat Den State Park

Set in Muscatine County, Wilcat Den State Park boasts winding trails through rocky terrain featuring towering pine tree bluffs. The stunning views combine with the hiking experience to make the main attraction at this southeast Iowa park. The challenge of hiking the rugged trails is rewarded by breathtaking cliff views in seemingly pristine surroundings. Some […]

Twin Lakes State Park

When the glaciers melted thousands of years ago, gravel, clay and rock dust deposits were left in the natural depressions that were formed as a result of the movement of glaciers. Hence, the glacial blue lakes of Iowa were born. There is only other such lake in the world and that is located in Switzerland. […]

Pleasant Creek State Park

Pleasant Creek State Park is a popular destination in Palo, Iowa that offers a wide variety of nature adventure activities. It features a 410 acre fishing lake, Lewis Lake, in the middle. There are trails that can be enjoyed for nearly the whole year in several ways from horseback riding to using a snow mobile […]