Scott State Park

Scott State Park located long Lake Scott in beautiful Ladder Creek Canyon is one of Kansas’ biggest tourist attractions. It is listed in the National Geographic Traveler as being among the top fifty state parks in the entire United States of America. Being so close to the waterways, this makes the park a popular destination […]

Prairie Dog State Park

The Prairie Dog State Park is one of Kansas’ most unique parks. While most of the nation’s state parks involve hills or mountains, this park’s main feature is a small rodent. Prairie dogs are similar to chipmunks and use a network of holes to burrow in. One of the largest and most heavily-populated prairie dog […]

Sand Hills State Park

You wouldn’t think that you could see sand dunes in Kansas, but when you enter Sand Hills State Park, just a few miles north of Hutchinson, Kansas, you will see dunes up to 40 feet high and more sand than you can find in some deserts. The park is a sand prairie at the north […]