Whitewater State Park

Introduction and Activities The Minnesota White Water State Park is located in the southeastern portion of Minnesota, and is one of the most popular parks in the State. It encompasses 2700 acres and is renown for its fishing potential. If you are an angler, you might find yourself in paradise as you experience brook, rainbow, […]

St. Croix State Park

Minnesota St. Croix State Park is one of the largest parks in the state of Minnesota. 34,000 beautiful acres are able to be enjoyed by visitors throughout the entire year. Two rivers run through the park including the Saint Croix river, a river that was designated as a national scenic waterway. Water is just one […]

Minnesota’s Hayes Lake State Park

Originally a land with a river and a lot of woods, Hayes Lake State Park in Minnesota was developed to satisfy a need for more water resources in the area. This isn’t the bad, city type of development; instead, a lake was made that only adds to the land’s natural beauty. This lake, made by […]