Smith Falls State Park

Smith Falls State Park is in the northern part of Nebraska, located directly on the Niobrara River. This is the newest park in the state. There are two ways to enter the park – either by hiking along the trails connected to the road that leads there or by way of the river. The park […]

Platte River State Park

Over 100 years ago when pioneers began traveling west, the Platte River was a well-known body of water. At that time, the water levels were much slightly higher than they average today, but this river was legendary for a bad reason – quicksand. In some areas, the quicksand was deep enough to swallow entire wagons […]

Nebraska River Bluffs Surround Ponca State Park

Set on the scenic steep bluffs on the west side of the Missouri River, Ponca State Park offers an authentic glimpse of the past with modern-day amenities. Named after the proud Ponca Tribe, the nearby town and the park are also linked to the heritage of Lewis and Clark as part of their official Historical […]