Hartman Creek State Park

Hartman Creek State Park lies near the center of Wisconsin near Waupaca and is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities. The 1417 acre tract of land has 2 distinct and equally diverse habitats located within its boundaries. There are the central sand hills opposing the forests area in separate locations in the natural […]

Lakeshore State Park

Lakeshore State Park, covering 22 acres, is a delight to outdoor enthusiasts. The Wisconsin state park on Lake Michigan is a great way for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area while getting some invigorating exercise. Lake Michigan itself is one of the five Great Lakes. The view of the […]

Belmont Mound State Park

Belmont Mound State Park is a perfect getaway for the outdoor enthusiast. This beautiful park is covered with oaks and walnuts and spans over 254 acres. Belmont comes from the French word “belle monte”, which means “beautiful mountain”. The top of the area is 1,400 feet above sea level and therefore offers visitors a spectacular […]