Forest Lake State Park

Forest Lake State Park can be found off Route 116 in Dalton, New Hampshire. The office of the park can be reached at 603-837-9150 . Created in 1935, Forest Lake is one of the original ten state parks in New Hampshire, a number that has grown to 65 state parks since that time. The park […]

Gardner Memorial Wayside Park

Located in the central portion of New Hampshire along Route 4A near the town of Wilmont, the Gardner Memorial Wayside Park provides a popular scenic picnic spot with nearby outdoor activities. It is part of the 6,675 Gile State Forest and was established as a memorial to Walter C. Gardner, II. The park sits alongside […]

Cardigan State Park

Cardigan State Park is a great location for mountain hiking in the northeast. It covers an area of 5,655 acres. Most visitors who come to the park are attracted by the amount of hiking trails, each varying in length and difficulty. Views of Mount Monadnock, Pleasant Mountain, The Camel’s Hump and the White Mountains can […]