Catharine Valley Trail

If you live in New York, your idea of “nature” may be different than that of most park-goers. Central Park isn’t really considered a national forest by the standards of the average US citizen. Finding real nature in New York State is tricky if you live in the city, but if you have the time […]

Bear Mountain State Park: the Hiker’s Mecca

Drive just an hour and a half from midtown Manhattan you can be hiking atop mountains chock full of volcanic rock formed over a billion years ago, take the trail to a ghost town, or grab a hot dog from a cart on the path to the docks at Hessian Lake, where you can rent […]

New York’s Bayswater Point State Park; A Unique Family Playground

Located in the Rockaways at the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Mott Basin on the scenic eastern shore of Jamaica Bay, Bayswater Point State Park is a New York State treasure. Comprised of 12 acres of scenic splendor, it is a wonderland of beauty and nature. This superb example of land preservation of […]