Alabama-Cathedral Caverns

Cathedral Caverns in Alabama is a beautiful state park that has much to offer in terms of breathtaking sights and activities. The Cathedral Caverns are caves in the northern part of Alabama that feature a large forest of stalagmite formations. The cave is known for its large opening, which measures 25 feet in height. It […]

Alabama – Buck’s Pocket State Park

Beautiful Buck’s Pocket State Park is the home of much history. There’s a local legend that tells of defeated public officials retreating to Buck’s after a hard-fought but failed election. People planning a visit to the park should find that the 2,000 acres of Buck’s Pocket has plenty of adventure and memories to offer them. […]

Clear as a Bell: Alabama’s Blue Springs State Park

Comfortable, cozy and well maintained, Alabama’s Blue Springs State Park boasts the state’s most beautiful yet unassuming natural swimming pools. Simple concrete octagons rim twin pools at the low edge of gently sloping fields of grass. No need to worry about over-chlorination at Blue Springs: its pools are fed by natural springs, hidden underground, pumping […]