The Out Doors Belongs to F.D. Roosevelt State Park

Between Atlanta and Columbus Georgia, the traveler finds a rolling, hilly land with one exception. Along a fault line, the land turns into Pine Mountain. Here, F.D. Roosevelt use to come to enjoy the warm springs that bubbled up from deep within the earth and enjoy the water falls along the walking paths. F.D. Roosevelt […]

About Crooked River State Park Near St. Mary’s, Georgia

When people get away for a vacation they want to see something different from the city streets they travel every day to work. The scenery around them has palled and wide-eyed tourists to their home no longer faze them. A hunger is born inside them for quiet, lovely vistas of purple mountains against the backdrop […]

Black Rock Mountain State Park

Resting proudly along the Eastern Continental Divide is Black Rock Mountain State Park. This park is located three miles from Clayton, just off U.S. Highway 441 in northeast Georgia. At an elevation of nearly 3,700 feet, Black Rock Mountain State Park has the distinction of being the highest state park in Georgia. The two-mile drive […]