Yatesville Lake State Park, Kentucky

Kentucky is a scenic land filled with lakes, mountains and many beautiful natural wonders. Every year, many people travel to Yatesville Lake State Park in Louisa, Kentucky gives visitors the opportunity to experience all the natural beauty that Kentucky has to offer. Located in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, Yatesville Lake Park is filled with […]

Kentucky Taylorsville Lake State Park

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves nothing better than to spend vacation time communing with nature in a beautiful park environment? Do you enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, boating and horseback riding? Or would you rather engage in water sports or mountain biking? Regardless of your choices for outdoor fun, you can enjoy any or […]

Lake Malone State Park

Lake Malone State Park is a small forested area in central Kentucky. Located four miles from Dunmor, Kentucky, it is a popular camping and fishing spot for many of the locals, along with a significant amount of tourist traffic. Located on State Route 331, it is situated just four miles from U.S. Highway 431 on […]