Tickfaw State Park

Tickfaw State Park 27225 Patterson Road Springfield, Louisiana 70462 225-294-5020 888-981-2020 http://www.crt.state.la.us/parks/itickfaw.aspx Although Tickfaw State Park is fairly new, opened in 1999, it is easily one of Louisiana’s most popular parks. Just seven miles west of the town of Springfield, it has easy access from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It is a listed site […]

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is located at 1500 Poverty Point Parkway, Delhi, Louisiana 71232. The telephone number to reach the park staff is 318-878-7536 or 800-474-0392 toll free. The Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is open year round. Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is a great place for year round fishing for blue gill, […]

Chicot State Park

Chicot State Park includes more than 6,400 acres in South Central Lousiana. It encompasses many different topographical features including large rolling hills and the beautiful clear waters of Lake Chicot. Fishermen flock to this place due to the record number of fresh water fish that are caught each year. The most common species are bluegil, […]