Occoneechee State Park

It’s nearly impossible to find an area of land that continues to grow in a natural manner. These days, everything is commercialized. When too much land is used, everything is built upward. But what if there was a place where the land continued to spread width-wise? And what if that land was protected? To make […]

Mount Jefferson State Park

Mount Jefferson State Park, located in northwestern North Carolina, is known for its diverse vegetation, scenic hiking trails, and majestic views. Rising 1600 feet above neighboring farms and valleys, Mount Jefferson is the tallest mountain peak in the area and was named after Thomas Jefferson, who owned land nearby. The mountain is situated between the […]

Gorge State Park; the Most Waterfalls in the State

North Carolina’s 7,100-acre Gorges State Park is home to more waterfalls than any other park in the state. Located around 53 miles from Asheville, Gorges State Park is a temperate rainforest with an annual rainfall of more than 80 inches and more like the southern Appalachians when it comes to plants and wildlife. Attractions at […]