Valley Falls State Park in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state surrounded by mountains. Because of this there are several beautiful state parks in that offer a variety of activities and natural wonders. One great park is Valley Falls State Park. Valley Falls is a mid-sized park located near Fairmont. As the name suggests, the park is home to a spectacular […]

West Virginia – Lost River

Lost River, West Virginia is a park that appeals to the log-cabin adventurer. Located in the pan-handle on the eastern side of the state, Lost River is designed to remind visitors of a time when Hardy County was the frontier. Although equipped with modern amenities, visitors can rough it like homesteaders of the early 19th […]

Cedar Creek State Park

A piece of heaven best describes Cedar Creek State Park in West Virginia. The location is about eight miles south of Glenville, West Virginia. Cedar Creek State park is made up of 2,588 acres of rolling green hills, picturesque trees, and three beautiful lakes. This site has a range of activities available, camping, and historic […]