Diamond Head State Monument

Diamond Head State Monument is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Known to locals as Le’ahi, it is visible from famous Waikiki beach and is located not far from the beach’s south-east shore. Covering almost 500 acres, it is impossible to miss, but to appreciate its magnificence and magnitude one should get up close […]

Palaau State Park

Palaau State Park is located on Molokai Island in Hawaii. This 233 acre tropical oasis is a very popular place to take photos of the traditional Hawaiian landscape. Waterfalls, dense jungle, and ocean vistas are all contained within this single state park. Kalae Highway leads directly to the gates of Palaau State Park, which makes […]

Haena State Park

Most vacationers who come to Hawaii tend to visit only the typical tourist attractions. In fact, many tourists do not even realize that there is more to Hawaii than the stereotypical scuba diving, luaus, and expensive tours. However, outdoor enthusiasts will find that Hawaii offers a stunning array of natural parks and wildlife reserves in […]