McCroskey State Park

If you are looking for the chance to get into the outdoors in a secluded and quiet setting, with spectacular views, you need look no further than Mary Minerva McCroskey State Park, located in Idaho near the border with Washington. At 5,300 acres McCroskey is the second largest park in the state, but it is […]

Heyburn State Park: The Oldest Park in the Pacific Northwest

If you love the outdoors and being part of nature, then you don’t want to miss Heyburn State Park in northern Idaho. Heyburn is the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest with over 5,500 acres of land and 2,300 acres of water to sooth your soul. Heyburn State Park was created in 1908 and […]

Harriman State Park

In the state of Idaho, Harriman State Park shines its welcome beacon for any and all wildlife in the area. This 16,000 acre refuge is located within the greater ecosystem of the Yellowstone area and is home to many species of fish, fowl and land animals, including Sandhill Cranes and the Trumpeter Swam. In addition, […]