Wyoming – Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park is nestled in the city of Thermopolis, Wyoming along Highway 20/State Route 120. The springs are located along the Big Horn River and are fed by natural hot springs along a the multi-colored terraces of rock formations. The temperature of the springs is 135 degrees at all times. An estimated 8,000 […]

Boysen State Park

Boysen State Park enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest state parks. It has an impressive lake, which is the main attraction. The park also has interesting land formations, the result of geological events dating back thousands of years. Located south of Owl Creek Mountains, the park is at the entrance of Wind […]

Glendo State Park

Location: One of Wyoming’s most accessible reservoirs is located at Glendo State Park. Approximately mid-way between Cheyenne and Casper, its location right off I-25 makes it easy for anyone towing a boat to get in the water with very little effort, with only a few miles of secondary roads to navigate.