Replacing Parts and Repairing Your Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is a hardy and rugged vehicle that is designed to stand up to a considerable amount of abuse without breaking down or even skipping a beat. As millions of riders across the United States can attest, a mountain bike is a tough beast that can do seemingly impossible things few people would […]

How and Why to Regulate Tire Pressure on Your Bike

Inflating your bike tires properly, and regulating tire pressure, are simple, yet critical steps to riding safely and enjoyably. A properly inflated tire is less prone to flats. Properly inflated tires also ensure that you have the lowest possible rolling resistance, saving your energy so that you can ride farther with less effort.

Reasons to Take Your Children Bicycling

Why take your child bicycling? There are many reasons that bicycling along with your children can help make them happy and healthy. From small toddlers to teenagers, bicycling has many benefits. Exercise