Outdoor Activities: ATVs

If you are someone who likes to drive fast off the regular terrain or to be able to climb to locations, which would be difficult and strenuous on foot, you might want to consider an all terrain vehicle (ATV). ATVing can be a fun sport if you know what you are doing and are cautious. […]

A First-Aid Kit and Tool Kit for Mountain Biking

Not everyone who heads out for an hour or two of biking takes a first-aid kit with them.  In fact, most mountain bikers don’t take such a kit.  But a first-aid kit can be a great thing to have with you in case of a fall.  Even a fall that causes nothing but a scrape […]

Horseback Riding in Virginia’s State Parks

What could be more enjoyable than riding the back country of Appalachia, the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Most of Virginia’s state parks have scenic bridle trails for every level. Some are a short meandering mile and others are much longer. But most parks have a BYOH rule. Bring your own horse.  Here […]